About this site.

Hi! Welcome to the result of a heaping handful of hours of sleepless coding.

My name is Derecho, and I'm the one who put this site together on 4/23/2017! I was motivated by the lack of an organized and easily viewable marking database on Gryffs. So I made my own! And I have some real important disclaimers to make about it.

All the art on here right now is NOT MINE. It belongs to the good folks over at Gryffs! Now, I did have to set up a few marking-breed combinations myself, but I still DID NOT draw or create any of these pictures. So don't credit me for that. I just coded and set up this site!

Speaking of code, this entire website, from the code itself to just the appearance, owes a TON to Luís Almeida and his Filtrify code!! Especially until I rework the aesthetic of the site itself. Without him, I would be trying to make this database on Tumblr and it would be AWFUL.

Oh, my god. This website saved my life, and like a kajillion years of time.

Here's the only reason this site is viable! Otherwise all the 600+ pics loading at once would all up and break themselves.

I think that's it for the disclaimers...

So here's something about me! I'm #5990 on Gryffs! You can see me ramble about setting up the site here! As of writing this, I'm 20 years old, and my bday is 2/28/1997. My time zone is EST.

That's all for now! Please PLEASE let me know if you spot any bugs or errors! Message me on Gryffs, preferably, or email me at malicegame@gmail.com!

back to the database?

Note: At the moment, the search is not additive. If you search for two locations, for instance, it will only show markings that are in both those locations, not markings that are in either location. As a further example, if you search "Siberian" and "Canyon" at the same time, you will end up getting no results because there are no single markings that simultaneously fit both breeds. There is a Cougar for Siberians and a separate cougar for Canyons. And so forth. I may fix this in the future if I feel brave with the code and if you guys want that.